• Vladimir Kush’s artwork on Rarible and OpenSea

  • World-renowned artist Vladimir Kush has released his first ever animated NFT on Digital Space, an updated version of his famous work on Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.

    In what can only be described as an NFT on a biblical scale, Kush’s masterpiece features Jesus and his associates in the medium of plant life. The Lord and Savior himself sits at the center in the form of a giant sunflower. And Judas, a hooded purple lace flower, looks at him with plant-like aplomb. The rest of the apostles kept their eyes on Christ as they swayed in the breeze.

    The vivid side of the NFT is with the transition from night to day. The treacherous Judas draws attention from the beginning, but as the day grows brighter he retreats beneath his leafy hood, and the climax of the scene shows Jesus himself as the source of light as the butterfly crown flutters on his head.

    A closer look at this fine work reveals that the plant life in it has human-like features. Importantly, the entire scene is set within a huge colosseum. All in all, Kush’s The Last Supper is available in 12 editions and is now available at Rarible and OpenSea.

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