• Vyking AR Release Flex, Bringing Digital Fashion Into Real Life

  • Vyking, one of the leading Augmented Reality (AR) providers to major fashion brands, is releasing a new app, Flex. The app will allow users to collect, view, trade, and show their digital fashion NFT collections in AR.

    The project will launch at Block/Space on March 12th, presented by Tezos at the SXSW festival and conference in Texas.

    What’s more, Flex will debut their first collection, a series of NFT sneakers on the Tezos blockchain, at Block/Space. Created by popular creators such as johwska, Finn Rush-Taylor Studio and Monument. Users can view collections of the digital wearables on the Rarible marketplace.

    Meanwhile, Vyking is already hugely successful in the AR/3-D try on technology space and has worked with major brands. Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and Crocs are amongst those using the technology. The Flex app pushes the boundaries even further.

    Flex allows creators, artists and brands to mint digital fashion NFTs. It combines digital ownership with leading AR technology. Basically, it is transforming the digital fashion space.

    Importantly, Flex brings ownership to life and gives creators full ownership over their designs through the smart contract on the Tezos blockchain.

    Significantly, the Flex app uses the energy efficient blockchain, Tezos. Vyking chose to install Flex on Tezos because of their shared values. The Vyking mission is “to make digital fashion affordable, sustainable, and inclusive.” Tezos has similar goals, is affordable to mint for most people and focuses on sustainability and energy consumption.

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