• Wackyboys’ first NFT release “Aries Hot” sold out in 3 minutes

  • The famous millionaire YouTuber group “Wackyboys” has announced the release of their female member Aries (Lu Xinyu)’s “Aries Hot” NFT special card. The first 400 cards will be released at 0.3 ETH per card, and they all sold out in just 3 minutes!

    With her sweet face and hot body, Aries has a huge fan base of nearly 800,000. “Aries Hot is offering a number of benefits, including a draw for original stockings and access to Wackyboys DAO, the exclusive community for anti-bones. Aries will be accompanied by her manager for a romantic dinner.

    Every NFT picture should be more collectible to live up to the expectations of fans. Instead of speculating on the short term mentality, it is better to do a good job with every picture and play with the concept of a channel that is more stirring and interesting, while combining NFT with industry to create more value.

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