• Wallstreetbets Founder Jaime Rogozinski and the Wsbdapp Project Launch 15,000 Generative NFTs

  • The team behind the Wallstreetbets defi app called Wsbdapp announced the launch of a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with 15,000 generative NFTs.According to the team, the NFTs offer utilities such as VIP access to special metaverse events and yield farming boosts.

    The Wsbdapp project has launched a collection of NFTs

    In the first week of September, the Wallstreetbets’ (wsbdapp) platform, which allows users to trade with decentralized financial (defi) protocols, such as decentralized exchanges (dex).

    A few days later, the project partnered with the defi project Balancer, and this week, Wallstreetbets (WSB) defi project launched a collection of non-forgeable tokens (NFT).WSB founder and strategic partner of the Wsbdapp project, Jaime Rogozinski, details how for quite some time WSB memo was distributed to the public for free.

    “The Wallstreetbets community has been handing out memes for free for far too long; Apple should be paying everyone royalties for the rocket and diamond emoji at this point,” Rogozinski said in a statement in the

    “That’s why we’ve brought together a global team of artists, builders, DeFi pioneers and blockchain fanatics to develop an NFT experience that incorporates the culture and creativity the community has demonstrated over the past year,” he added.The WSB founder went on to say.

    We’re proud to launch the Diamond Handpass NFT series as we move into new areas of Defi and create products that can help ordinary people own their financial future. And cool art.

    Raffle tickets and “Diamond Handpass NFTs”

    NFT statistics will include.

    30,000 NFT Raffle Tickets 15,000 Diamond Handkerchief NFTs 153 Unique Artwork Traits 40,600,560 Unique Possibilities The project team also revealed that the Genesis Diamond Handkerchief NFT unlocks specific benefits.

    “There are 15,000 handcrafted Genesis NFTs up for grabs, each with unique qualities and some with desirable rarities,” the WSB team disclosed.” In the interest of fairness, WSB is introducing a 30,000 raffle ticket system that will allow participants to mint up to five raffle tickets in each wallet. Once all raffle tickets have been sold or the minting window has closed, the raffle will be randomly selected via a computer selection process. All unsuccessful raffle tickets will be returned.”

    Each Diamond Handicap NFT will be handcrafted generative art, and Diamond Handicap pass owners will have access to a members-only Discord room.The NFT will also benefit users by providing “enhanced yield farming rewards on the [Binance Smart Chain], as well as premium access to Wallstreetbets events.”

    The Wsbdapp project is not the first defi project to include NFT in the project’s unique defi system, nor will it likely be the last. In addition to collectibles, the NFT concept has been extended into practical areas with concepts such as VIP access, raffle tickets, discounts, etc. The NFT art was designed by popular artist yung.lils.

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