• Warena’s upcoming action survival game will launch in November

  • Warena’s upcoming action survival game is set to go live at the end of November. The project has been running in a parallel beta period, which ended on October 21. This gives some players an exclusive opportunity to try Warena a few weeks before the game hits the shelves.

    “The beta was for selected testers who had the opportunity to experience the game first-hand and get a tangible sense of its gameplay,” as Minh Doan, co-founder of Warena, put it.” The beta helped us improve the quality of our product and get feedback from players, which can help Warena’s developers tweak the game’s direction, art and software mechanics in anticipation of the final release. Now I believe that we have never been more ready to have a group of players join us in our upcoming 2D game.”

    It’s safe to say that the beta campaign has been a success so far, with the Warena development team revealing that the game has driven over 15,000 players and 25,000 beta registrants.

    Zombies, characters and meta-universe

    Warena is the first personalized “game for money” game set in a post-apocalyptic world where there is an ongoing war between humans and zombies. The game is being released in two phases, with the first scheduled to launch in late November. Players can expect to get a 2D tower defense game and choose between personalized human or mechanical warriors to begin the survival phase of the game, which begins in 2129 – the year of World War III. The world turns into an apocalyptic hellscape, with those who survive turning into zombies, monsters and cyborgs.

    Players will be able to lead a group of warriors in battle against the zombies, a mysterious force that corrupts all life it encounters. They’re a far cry from what we’re used to, which is another surprise that Warena’s developers have thrown into the mix.

    Warena 2D also features a game-earning mechanic that lets players roll to earn unique NFTs and items. Players will control their fighters and will own their characters as NFT assets. Other options include arena matches, PvE and PvP competitions.

    Phase 2 will introduce 3D gameplay and incorporate a larger meta-universe where players will access cross-link features to interact with characters from other game universes and transfer their characters and items across different worlds such as Axie Infinity, My Defi Pet, Cat Gunner, and more.

    From what we’ve seen so far, the mechanics and visual aspects of GameFi lead to an eye-catching and engaging game world where players find themselves in this amazing virtual space while collecting NFTs and personalizing their game characters with AI personalization techniques.

    Because of this, Warena has attracted huge interest and amassed a large number of players in a short period of time, driving the growth of its native token, RENA, which has spiked 200% in the last week. The game’s Beta test was arguably Warena’s first major success, with the project saying it received 3,500 pieces of feedback.

    Warena 2D will be officially released in late November. An exact release date will be announced soon.

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