• WAX launches big plans to unify the blockchain

  • Cross-chain compatibility represents the next big step in the world of NFTs and making money from games. Now, Wax.io has stepped up its efforts in a plan to stay ahead of the game.

    To improve the user experience and lower the barrier to entry for new users, WAX is developing a way to connect different blockchains. As a result, it intends to build the largest network of protocols ever created in the space. As a result, WAX predicts that this will create a grand harmony that will benefit all parties involved.

    For the first step of this journey, WAX is building an efficient bridge to connect the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This channel will allow players to effortlessly trade between the two chains regardless of the origin of an NFT. Thus, representing the beginning of a larger network in which blockchains operate together, rather than against each other.

    WAX intends to showcase this new technology through its upcoming “Blockchain Brawl.” This is an upcoming no-holds-barred wrestling game built on the WAX blockchain. The first 100 “Founders Edition” NFTs will arrive at BSC on November 30.Initially, these assets will be viewable through the WAX Cloud Wallet. However, full compatibility will follow in early 2022, allowing assets to be traded between the two chains and, importantly, not accrue additional transaction fees for the service.

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