• WeLockLove NFT Collection immortalises Paris ‘Lovelock Bridge’

  • WeLockLove is a soon-coming NFT collection that displays a digital format of lovelocks from Paris’ famous bridge: Pont des Arts or the Lovelock Bridge. The NFTs come from a collection of 40,000 photos of individual locks taken by a French photographer during 6 months in 2013. Unfortunately, the locks were then removed from the bridge in 2015.

    The WeLockLove Release

    WeLockLove is a collection of 915 unique NFTs that will be released “when 25% of the later mentioned database contribution’s goal is reached”. The mint price will start at 0.15 ETH. The collection is being created in order to commemorate the thousands of lovelocks that were taken away in 2015. They were removed due to safety concerns. Panels were collapsing under the weight of love – and controversies over the ritual degrading the bridge. Before this, lovers from all over the world would attach a padlock to the bridge’s railing and throw away the keys as a symbol of eternal love.

    About WeLockLove

    WeLockLove recreates the warm atmosphere of the bridge on digital artworks by assembling each individual lovelock into monumental mosaics. Each of these 915 pieces depicts a precise section of the Paris bridge. Collectors of the artworks will keep the long-lasting history of the Lovelock bridge going, despite not being able to add to it physically anymore.

    WeLockLove has located each individual lovelock on the bridge, referenced in a database on their website. This is so that users can try and find their lovelock. If they got to put it on the bridge in time for the photos being taken. You can find the link to the website here, which also links to the project’s social media platforms and will link to a mint site when the time of minting is confirmed.

    The project is looking for users to describe the messages written on the lovelocks. Contributors will systematically earn NFTs as a reward for their work. WeLockLove is building its large database that references saved locks. With the help and contribution of many people, a search function will be perfected. After this, everyone will be able to find their lovelocks easily.

    The Future of the Lovelock tradition

    WeLockLove is creating The Bridge of The Future: a 3D experience available in the Metaverse. This will be the collective place to express feelings in the digital world. It will have a unique design, chosen by the community in a contest open to all digital artists. A limited number of spaces will be offered. This space is a unique place on the bridge where owners will upload the visual artwork they desire. This art can be a “Lovelock of The Future”: a 3D custom digital piece created by an artist. It’s sold on a marketplace. Collaboration will be at the center of this digital world: artists will be able to offer collectors their vision of the Lovelock.

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