• WeWay & Roasters Specialty Coffee House Set To Create NFT Cafe in Dubai

  • WeWay is once again pioneering new ground by teaming up with Roasters Specialty Coffee House of Dubai.Together they are creating an interactive NFT gallery coffee house, the very first in The Middle East. Located in the heart of the JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) in Dubai, this will be a new addition to the upscale nature of the area and the very first cafe in the Middle East where customers can purchase NFTs. WeWay partnering with Roasters Specialty Coffee House, will create a historic first for the region. Together they will take the online platform into the offline world.

    The WeWay platform allows people to make money by simply doing what they already enjoy in life. Users, as well as project backers, are able to use the native ecosystem tokens as well as fiat currency to gain exclusive access to unique content, virtual goods and experiences. Creators get valuable feedback from their audience and the support they need to launch their projects. Advertisers will benefit from a reliable transparent instrument for gauging interactions with influencers. Drinking coffee is just one more thing nearly everyone enjoys. Now, baristas and blockchain unite to create a unique space with an equally special atmosphere.

    Already having two locations in the city, with plans for a third, Roasters Speciality Coffee House has a reputation of high status within Dubai. The cafe chain is known for offering a wide array of elite coffee, including the most popular manual brewing blends, delicious breakfasts, as well as a large selection of desserts, along with a signature coffee menu. It was only natural that they would take the opportunity along with WeWay to create this one of a kind customer experience.

    Cafe’s are a perfect place to relax, meet friends and of course, even to do business. WeWay will enable this to be the very first cafe of its kind in The Middle East providing the prospective customer with the chance to engage in the cryptocurrency world at ease. The cafe itself has an incredibly sleek interior design with a modern, clean, minimalist touch. Coinciding with its refined comfortable setting will be a high-tech element that integrates perfectly with the surroundings. All this with the chance to grab delicious coffees and snacks, WeWay has stepped in to allow the customer to utilize NFTs for a collaborative first in The Middle East!

    Screens will be positioned around the inside of the cafe showcasing WeWay’s NFT Gallery. This will be yet another innovative way NFTs can be utilized as an advertising stream, as well as one more avenue for user interaction. The NFT gallery-cafe will create a unique atmosphere bringing crypto blockchain technology into an entirely new sphere of influence. NFT or non-fungible tokens refer to unique assets, like an original, irreplaceable coffee meme or an autographed tweet from a celebrity. NFTs can be anything from a piece of art, a tweet, a music piece, a trading card or just about any digital good that has a value attached to it. WeWay in partnership with Roasters Specialty Coffee House will bring this new form of technology into a relaxing space creating an original opportunity for interaction.

    While around the world banks are moving toward digital currency with the use of blockchain technology, WeWay is looking at new ways to establish the world of crypto into the everyday lives of people who might not yet think about it. The understanding is that with seamless integration into public spaces crypto will become another part of people’s daily lives. Integration into areas outside the expected setting of the financial space. This has the potential to bring many new people into the crypto community allowing both the cafe and WeWay to be a part of that process.

    WeWay and Roasters Speciality Coffee House will provide the opportunity for unique events in the space. These events can be coordinated to be both public and private, facilitating the use of the premises by groups and individuals alike. Specialized offers will be showcased and there will be opportunities for fans to meet their favorite bloggers and influencers in the cafe, and even allow for the NFTs to be personalized with digital autographs. All this is an exciting first in the Middle East.

    Dubai is already known around the world as a place of world class quality, elegance, and ideas. Even more than this, Dubai is known as a city of cutting edge technology. WeWay is proud to be adding to an already stellar portfolio of firsts for the city and is honored to help bring this idea to life. This innovation in the field of technology is a key part to the identity of the city. There are few places in the world that so quickly take on new ideas, and this is just one more example of that spirit.

    WeWay and Roasters Speciality Coffee House are looking forward to opening this Middle East first with great anticipation, and look forward to a grand opening for the NFT gallery-cafe which will demonstrate a small fraction of what is yet to come. Baristas, banks, and blockchain, united at last!

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