• What are the local NFTs in Hong Kong?

  • NFT is a hot investment project recently and many people have made NFT their new avatar. I believe you have seen a lot of foreign NFT projects, but it turns out that there are also many local NFT projects in Hong Kong, have you noticed them?

    Monkey Kingdom

    Inspired by the story of “Journey to the West”, the Monkey Kingdom is a computer-generated project that features 2,222 32 x 32 pixel NFTs of the Monkey King in different outfits and physical features. This NFT project is traded on Solana Coin.

    Bunny Warriors

    Bunny Warriors is the recent hit local NFT project in Hong Kong. Bunny Warriors is a rabbit-themed NFT, and the project has a story to tell, according to which in a land where rabbits live, one day the rabbits are suddenly hunted by fox lords and hawk evils, and then a group of Bunny Bosses are born to unite the rabbits and take their fate back into in their own hands. There are 6,666 NFTs in this local NFT project in Hong Kong.

    Lucky Kittens

    Inspired by the Japanese culture’s ‘fortune cat’, which represents success and wealth, Lucky Kittens is one of the few local NFT projects in Hong Kong. First released on 12 December 2021 at Solana, a total of 5,888 units will be available at an initial price of 0.88 SOL each.

    Carries Hamsters

    Earlier, the Hong Kong government tested imported hamsters for the new coronavirus and therefore culled the entire batch of problematic animals. To commemorate the 2,000 hamsters that were “humanely treated”, the Hong Kong team launched the Carries Hamsters NFT project on Solana, hoping that the hamsters would “live forever” on the SOL blockchain. The team also said it would donate a portion of the proceeds directly to a charity against animal euthanasia.

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