• Why Mental Health Charities Receive A Donation From Rich Simmons NFTs

  • Rich Simmons, a London-based pop artist and founder of non-profit Art Is The Cure will donate thousands to mental health charities! He is giving back after the sell-out of his NFT collection.

    Rich Simmons and His REFLECTIONS NFT Collection

    Simmons released his first NFT collection in February entitled REFLECTIONS NFT and sold all 3,333 unique variations in under an hour. The collection has traded $1.7 million in the first week.

    On his website, Simmons said that REFLECTIONS NFT celebrates some of the world’s greatest masterpieces. Each piece in the collection takes the experience of seeing the art in a museum. The generated art reflected through her glasses transports its audience to the digital world of NFT galleries.

    Due to the success of his NFT collection. Rich will donate over £7,500 to charitable organizations. He will also deliver 10 Art Is The Cure workshops in several schools, where he will teach young people about the benefits of creative therapy.

    About Art is The Cure and Mental Health Awareness

    Simmons is one of the NFT artists who advocates the importance of mental health. He said: “Art saved my life when I was younger. I have struggled with depression and I have Asperger Syndrome. I see the world differently. Art was always a thing that connected me to the world. It allowed me to communicate.”

    In 2008, he launched Art Is The Cure to inspire people and promote creative therapy as a release. Through the Art Is The Cure Discord server, Simmons creates a community of gallery-quality artists looking to show their talent into the world of NFTs.

    He added: “From the start, I’ve wanted to be able to give something back. By creating a community of artists, we can support each other’s work and use NFTs to do good. I hope it will also encourage other artists to use the success of their NFTs to support good causes.”

    Hopefully, we see more NFT more artists share their stories about mental health in the future and be a channel of support to those who need help in the community.

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