• Wilder World (WILD) surges more than 40% in one day

  • Wilder World (WILD) has spiked over 40% in 24 hours.

    It is a liquid NFT and a decentralized DAO marketplace for artists.

    The platform was released on WOW Poster NFT.

    NFT has won the attention of so many investors for its features. Many institutional investors and popular personalities are running behind NFT as it has made a positive impact. Users believe that NFT is the future of the digital world. Although crypto assets have already taken their place in the market, NFT is the next track beyond cryptocurrencies.

    In fact, NFT has already reached heights, which is visible in NFT sales in the first half of 2021. Many digital artworks, gaming items, images, and videos are sold in the form of NFT. On the other hand, decentralized finance is also emerging as a new trend in the industry. In this crypto world, it is the on and off switch for all crypto assets. One day, some coins may go up and some may go down, a simultaneous progression for each token. Similarly, WILD spiked over 40% in 24 hours, which has been included in the highest rise of the day in mid-August.

    Wilder World is a decentralized DAO for artists and a liquid NFT marketplace. It offers a range of applications through its multiple layers, enabling artists and art collectors to enjoy a more integrated user experience.

    The current state of the marketplace

    WILD traded at $2.44 with a volume of $17,403,855 in the last 24 hours. According to Coinmarketcap, WILD surged over 41.20% in one day and is ranked #289. WILD’s current liquidity is 68,072,884.

    First NFT drop on WWMM

    According to the announcement, Wilder World shared their first NFT drop at the Wilder World Metaverse Market (MMWW). This is an original WOW poster NFT, which is a powerful fictional-story about Wilder’s origins that combines all aspects of reality.Wilder’s first ever NFT drop at MMWW is live from August 26th.

    Considering these facts, it is estimated that the release of the first NFT placement may be the reason for the spike in WILD prices. However, WILD has climbed in the past few days so far and the developments on the network have helped the price rise. mid-August, after the $LOOT launch, WILD was one of the top 3 gainers of the day.

    Furthermore, as the ecosystem continues to progress, users expect that the coin could rise even more in the days to come. Looking at the statistics of the past month, it is currently a sweet spot for WILD users. If this trend continues, WILD could touch its all-time high.

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