• Will MonkeyBall potentially dominate the NFT gaming market

  • MonkeyBall is a GameFi giant that allows gamers to earn money by playing soccer and owning a stadium. It is a Play-to-Earn eSports game that sits at the intersection of FIFA Street and Final Fantasy. The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game is based on the Solana blockchain network. According to the brains behind the network, the project is a next-generation eSports metaverse that combines high-production-value and multiplayer gaming with Solana, NFTs, and DeFi. The game intends to deliver an exciting, turn-based Play-to-Earn game that is easy to learn yet hard to master.

    MonkeyBall is a cross platform NFT game

    The Solana powered Play-to-Earn blockchain NFT game brings enormous opportunity for gamers across the globe. Following the gameplay it seems that the game sits at the intersection of FIFA Street and Final Fantasy. Being developed on the Unity game engine, MonkeyBall allows itself to be eventually deployed on both Desktop and Mobile platforms.

    The game offers a AAA-gaming experience, where matches are played between two teams. Each of the team consists of 4 Monkeys playing the positions of Scorer, Defender, Midfielder, and Goalkeeper. Notably, with 6 rounds of play per half, the team that achieves 3 goals first becomes the winner.

    Behind the scenes, the players can also boost their Monkeys abilities and in-game performance by caring for and training them. Indeed, such training also helps to increase their morale.

    On the other hand, users can also own stadiums, where they will be rewarded for matches they are hosting, while other players can be spectators and influence the gameplay by rooting for a team and enhancing their morale.

    After each game, the in-game currency crypto token, that is known as the MonkeyBucks (MBS) is split among the winners, the stadium owners, and the spectators who rooted for the winning team.

    Solana-powered game with enormous features

    MonkeyBall is a 4×4 arcade soccer game, where players are creating their own teams of Monkeys. Notably, the game is introducing the concept of portability where players can own in-game assets that include Monkeys and Stadiums in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens. Moreover, players can also own the in-game currency MBS tokens.

    MonkeyBall offers multiple play-to-earn systems, giving players flexibility and excitement in how they play.

    On the other hand, players can also acquire SCORE cryptocurrency, the game’s DAO governance token to exercise governance over the game platform and treasury. On the platform, everyone gets a chance to earn while doing what they love to do.

    Although each of the Monkeys can play any position, each of them have inherited an unique ability that makes them better in a specific role. Each match consists of a 12 round or 6 round per half. Each of the round finishes when the two teams complete their turns.

    Each team can perform three actions. These actions include moving a player, dribbling, or shooting the ball. Besides, they can also use some special moves. As a player performs their actions their turn ends. For each of the performed actions, their unique abilities are challenged by their opponents. For instance, as a player kicks to score a goal, their accuracy score is challenged by the goalkeeper’s agility. Simultaneously, when a player tries to dribble, the striker’s dribbling cor is challenged by the opponent’s midfielder’s strength.

    It is noteworthy that where some of the Monkey’s abilities are set and dictated by how rare they are, other abilities can be trained and developed over time.

    Monkey’s serving as an income generator

    All the unique monkeys in the MonkeyBall game serve as an income generator. These Monkeys allow a player to earn MBS by winning the games. Indeed, these monkeys are not only beautiful and rare, but they are an in-game asset that affects the ability to play and win matches.

    Each of the rare monkeys do have four main abilities including accuracy, pasing, defense, and control.

    The project is still following its roadmap, and soon gamers will be able to play the game in three modes. These modes include Player vs Environment, player vs Player, and Team vs Team.

    MonkeyBall’s team has raised the required funds

    In late 2021, the brains behind MonkeyBall raised the funds they required to complete and launch the game. And now the game is planning to be the next generation eSports metaverse. Moreover, the list of backers of the project is also continuing to grow.

    Following the incredible idea behind the project and solid backing support, it seems that the project is a great investment. However, the growth of the MBS token will still be dependent on the growth of Bitcoin, the leading crypto coin. According to analysts, if the blockchain game will have at least 50% of Bitcoin’s previous average growth per year, then the price of the asset would soar to $4.13 by 2025.

    MBS is trading at the price level of $0.3389.

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