• Wing presents rewards program at exclusive event for Wing PolkaPets NFT holders

  • Wing’s pWING airdrop campaign, for holders of PolkaPets NFT, has been running for two months.Wing expressed its gratitude to all participants for their support.Wing noted that due to the high corresponding ETH Gwei, the Ether (ETH/USD) gas fees to be paid for distributing the rewards are also high. This reduces the eventual rewards, which may incur high transaction gas fees as they proceed.

    Two reward options are available

    To solve this problem, Wing has two reward options to choose from.

    You can earn WING (KIP-20) rewards on the OKExChain network. The cost of gas to get the reward, including cross-chain gas, is deducted from the reward. The address is the same as the one used for activity in the ecosystem of Ether. If you are using this method for the first time, you will also be rewarded with 0.01 OKT in gasoline fees.

    You can choose to continue to receive the reward through the Ethereum network. Again, the petrol fee will be deducted from your pWING rewards. You have until September 30 at 23:59 UTC to fill out the form to communicate your choice. If you don’t submit the form, you’ll get the choice of the Etherium network. If the form is submitted more than once, the final selection will be considered final.

    Dozens of Ways to Use Wing Rewards

    You can participate in supply pools with Wing rewards, trade Wing on DEX KSwap, participate in Wing flash batteries (OKExChain), or move Wing to a centralized exchange on OKEx for trading.Wing is swapped from OKExChain to Ontology through the PolyNetwork ecosystem.Wing notes that ONG is a gas fee type on the Ontology blockchain.ONG can be obtained in one of two ways. You can buy it from the exchange or exchange it for ONG via the ONTO wallet after buying the latter from the exchange.

    Another way to use Wing rewards is to participate in the Wing Flash Pool in the Ontology ecosystem.You can exchange WING for ONTd on DEX OpenOcean and then exchange ONTd for ONT.Finally, it can be traded directly on a centralized exchange.

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