• World Of Women Drop Secures 84 ETH for Charity So Far

  • World of Women is flawlessly executing a charity drop! The leading and highest-selling women-led NFT collectible project globally in 2021 teamed up with non-profit organization Code Green to launch WOMEN & CLIMATE. The digital drop has so far secured an impressive 84 ETH (approx $262,000).

    World of Women Green Charity Drop

    True to its cause, the WOMEN & CLIMATE exhibition is a full carbon net-negative digital NFT auction. It features the work of 12 incredibly talented artists who generously contributed their art in support of this powerful cause. In addition, two influential women ambassadors in global activism and NFTs are spearheading the initiative. World of Women Founder Yam Karkai and Code Green CEO Inna Modja have fully committed to this NFT drop for a cause.

    World of Women will equally divide the proceeds between 3 grassroots networks. They meticulously picked out those that will help advance women-led solutions to grow the Great Green Wall. The African-led initiative is growing an 8000 km green corridor across the Continent to improve the lives of millions of women on the frontline of climate change. The artists have generously donated 70% of their proceeds or around 49 ETH (approx $159,000) as of press time.

    If you want to get involved, you can still do so! The charitable drop, which launched on the margins of the World Economic Forum — is still live on SuperRare. You have to hurry though because only four art pieces are available! So the initiative can still potentially raise an additional 34 ETH to support incredible climate solutions.

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