• World premiere of NFT digital blind box at Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

  • Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park has launched the world’s first digital blind box with the theme of “Metaverse”, an online and offline initiative.

    The “Orca Knights Ocean NFT Digital Blind Box”, which took 60 days to create, went through nine processes and has a million faces alone, aiming to bring visitors astonishment and perfection.

    The Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park’s digital blind box is available for purchase in an “online and offline rush” mode, with the first phase being an “online rush” from January 26 to January 30, with a limited edition of 3,000; the second phase being an “From January 31 to February 6, a limited number of 1,000 digital blind boxes will be released each day, and visitors who purchase a digital blind box at Haichang Ocean Park will receive a free MR digital experience and an Order of the Killer Whale badge of honour. In addition, the park has prepared a limited number of “drop-in” digital blind boxes, which will be “dropped” to visitors in February.

    The “meta-universe” is not only taking place at Haichang Ocean Park in Shanghai, but from 22 January, Haichang Ocean Park in Sanya celebrated its 3rd anniversary and welcomed the Year of the Tiger. Among them, the world’s first “round” universe Ferris wheel, known as the “Eye of Sanya”, symbolises the “round” universe with its ferris wheel and brings together different brands to turn the “car” into a fun and exciting experience. The “car” is transformed into a fun brand planet, unleashing brand momentum together with partner brands.

    Haichang Ocean Park said that from the meta-universe to the “round” universe, it will build a leading brand in the theme park industry with the ocean park as the core, and continue to unleash the consumption potential of multiple business formats.

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