• World’s First World Public Issues NFT Sold in Full

  • A total of seven NFTs, commissioned by AXA Capital and sold by ARTrigin, were auctioned off at the “Artist Co-signed NFT Day” in Taipei.

    ARTrigin created the world’s first programmable art NFT with “World Public Issues” as the main picture, and through the joint creation of nine Layers by six domestic and foreign artists, nearly 20,000 different styles of paintings were combined in the main picture Master. Linda, the Art Director of ARTrigin, said that this is a first attempt, and she hopes that this auction will be a brick in the wall, so that more people will care about the crisis of the earth through art.

    The auction was conducted by Ms. Sun Jinshuang, a veteran auctioneer. Sun and the bidders said that they had never used offline auction methods to sell NFT in the past, and they admired the organizer’s bold attempt to try different strategies, blending virtual and real, tradition and innovation, which was the most impressive thing about this event.

    No matter the conditions of the creator or the country, as long as it can change the world, as long as it is beneficial to the environment and universal values, it is the object to seek and collaborate with. Through continuous practice, innovation, and experimentation, infinite possibilities are created and dreams are pushed to fruition.

    With this belief, AXA Capital will continue to identify and cultivate potential artists, implement carbon neutral artworks, and convert part of the proceeds into a public welfare fund to continue to contribute to society and people.

    In addition to the limited physical auction, some NFT paintings will also be available for online auction from 3/19 (10:00) to 3/20 (20:00).

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