• WWE to launch John Cena NFTs ahead of SummerSlam

  • WWE has announced the launch of the John Cena Non-Counterfeit Token (NFT), along with never-before-sold memorabilia and experiences, just in time for SummerSlam.The NFT drop will be split into two parts, a Platinum and Gold level auction.WWE has partnered with Bitski for the upcoming NFTs. However, the tokenized collectibles will be available on both Bitski and WWE.com/NFT platforms.

    The platinum level auctions will only be live for 24 hours. The auction will take place at the start of the SmackDown show on Friday, August 20 at 8 p.m. ET. It will run further until the start of SummerSlam on Saturday, August 21 at 8pm EST.

    Platinum NFTs.

    The Platinum level auction will include a one-of-a-kind exclusive NFT.The winner of the Platinum level auction will receive this one-of-a-kind exclusive NFT along with John Cena’s “Dr. Thuganomics” style chain from WrestleMania 35. In addition, the highest bidder will receive two tickets to WrestleMania 38 in Dallas at AT&T Stadium in 2022 or WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles at SoFi Stadium in 2023.

    This will include two front row tickets, unprecedented VIP access, and hotel accommodations. Finally, the winner of the auction will receive a custom WWE Title belt with the winner’s name engraved on the side panel.

    Gold level NFTs

    The gold level auction will be available after the platinum sale ends. It will launch around SummerSlam on Saturday, August 21. The Gold Level Collection will include 500 limited edition NFTs accompanied by a limited edition merchandise box curated by WWE legend John Cena himself.

    “The Summer of Cena will kick off with an exciting main event at SummerSlam, while also offering WWE viewers the opportunity to own a unique collectible inspired by one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today,” said Scott Zanghellini, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Revenue Strategy and Development.

    WWE’s Assassins NFT

    This will be WWE’s second celebrity NFT after Undertaker’s unique tokens were auctioned off this past April.For the first time ever, WWE is launching an NFT series to coincide with Tampa’s WrestleMania event. The uncounterable tokens celebrate the WWE career of The Undertaker, who retired last year.

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