• X-Box Takes a Cautious Approach to Blockchain Gaming

  • As blockchain gaming becomes more prevalent in the entertainment industry, the trend of gaming companies announcing their stance on the issue is becoming more apparent. Valve has famously revealed their intentions through the small print in their terms and conditions. And Epic, Ubisoft, EA, Take Two and Square Enix are excited about its potential. Now, Microsoft’s gaming brand X-Box has had its say.

    In a recent statement, X-Box head Phil Spencer revealed a more cautious approach to blockchain gaming. He said that while showing promise in some areas, he still sees the technology as more of an exploit than an innovation.

    “What I said today at the NFT,” he said, “is that I think there’s a lot of speculation and experimentation going on, and some of the ideas I’m seeing today feel more exploitative than entertaining.

    To be fair, that statement could describe one or two titles on the X-Box roster,” he said. Despite this, he didn’t dismiss the technology entirely. He just said he didn’t see anything like it coming to the X-Box anytime soon. However, it seems a bit odd that the head of the company hasn’t taken any precautions to protect its users from said exploits.

    Nonetheless, it all comes down to money, and how and where to make it, and what these gaming platforms intend to do once big-name developers release their first blockchain-based titles.

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