• X Rush released a casual game using XOX native tokens and NFT

  • X Rush has built a DAO-managed, casual shooter-themed game that offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts the opportunity to monetize their gaming skills in a multiplayer game of shooting and racing.

    Introducing X Rush, a unique NFT game for casual gamers to make money

    Amidst the tremendous growth in the GameFi and NFT space, more and more offerings are striving to merge the two areas into one holistic environment.X Rush, launching early in Q4 2021, offers its customers an unparalleled “play to earn” experience in gaming and racing missions.

    X Rush promotes itself as a casual game that allows users to earn real money by engaging in its groundbreaking virtual racing and shooting missions.

    The highly liquid native cryptocurrency token XOX (BEP-20 token standard), as well as the NFT collection available to all players, guarantees fair and transparent monetization of user activities. Thus, new players and professionals alike can benefit from participating in X Rush events and challenges.

    As a user-friendly game, X Rush should be considered as a gateway for a large number of enthusiasts to enter the blockchain-based gaming space, regardless of previous experience with digital assets.

    The X Rush team includes top professionals in blockchain-based gaming, cryptocurrency and business development.X Rush co-founder and CMO M. Berkan Sönmez is a seasoned gaming and cryptocurrency expert with over 5 years of experience and is fascinated by the passion and skills of his team.

    X Rush NFTs: X Cars and X Racers

    Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), an EVM-compatible smart contract environment, X Rush has two types of in-game NFTs representing cars and racers (“X Cars” and “X Racers”).X Racer NFTs can be traded on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace in the Web3 space.

    The X Racer Non-Counterfeit Token is hand-drawn by the illustrator behind the iconic 2009 multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends (“League” or LoL).

    X Racer tokens work differently than Crypto Punks or Bored Apes. Each racer represents a custom character with an exclusive combination of headgear, glasses, accessories, clothing, race, gender, and more (21 characters in total).

    A limited number of 10K X Racers NFT are associated with passive income plans and various categories of in-game rights, including minting new X cars with their Binance coins (BNB), earning 50 tokens per day, and enjoying autopilot mode during races.

    X cars are virtual cars belonging to six performance levels with different life services and prospects.The initial fee charged for X car minting is refunded in the form of tokens. The exact refund procedure depends on the car class.

    X Cars on X Rush have a “service life” period between 3 and 152 days: once the period ends, the tokens used to purchase the car are returned to the token holder. More expensive cars have longer “service life” periods.

    Governance and utility of XOX tokens

    The XOX token represents the governance tool for X Rush and its utility coin.XOX has a net circulating supply of 1 billion tokens. Its initial price is set at 0.1 USDT.

    55% of the XOX tokens, or 550,000,000 XOX, are allocated by the X Rush team for in-game rewards, while 10% will power a community-driven passive income program and PoS community mining.

    XOX tokens can be used to purchase X cars, or “blind boxes”, which are NFT kits with in-game assets. Each blind box is worth 2,999 XOX.

    XOX tokens can be used to earn “car energy,” which is the chance for a car to compete multiple times per day. These assets can also be used to initiate proposals for community governance referenda and have a voice in those referenda.

    Last but not least, XOX tokens can be locked into “proof-of-stake mining”. As of Q4 2021, both projects are up and running. Fixed deposits can be locked in for 90 days or 180 days for a recurring bonus.

    Additionally, by locking in their 19,999 tokens for a fixed deposit for 7 days, GameFi enthusiasts can receive a “blind box” NFT of X cars.

    X Rush GEM: An Ecosystem of Value Based on Non-Counterfeitable Tokens

    The entire toolkit that allows X Rush enthusiasts to earn value, called X Rush GEM, includes rewards associated with the native token and its play-to-earn design.

    X Rush GEM’s “play-to-earn” stack solution includes special event rewards, weekly ranking rewards, daily game rewards, referrer rewards, and daily mission rewards. So there is something for every type of player to find a way to make money.

    Valuable rewards are distributed to event participants, active members of the referral program, and the most successful players in the daily missions.

    In addition, holding and trading XOX tokens represents another way to benefit from participating in the X Rush ecosystem. It can be easily deposited on exchanges and trading platforms, so traders can benefit from its price fluctuations.

    In X Rush, tokens can be used to purchase exclusive NFT boxes and customize characters in the game.

    Progress on X Rush: Before the massive announcement

    November and December 2021 will mark a key stage in the progress of X Rush. In November, X Rush’s core public website will be officially launched. At the same time, the X Rush game app will enter public beta.

    In December 2021, X Racer NFTs will be unveiled to digital collectibles enthusiasts. the X Rush game app will be released on the main public website.

    The X Rush team will focus on governance changes and advancing the gaming experience in 2022. Specifically, in Q1, the PoS mining structure will go live along with a transparent ranking system. In the second quarter of 2022, X Rush governance will migrate to a decentralized, autonomous organization: full power will be in the hands of token holders.

    In Q3-Q4 2021, X Rush v2 will be released, featuring an extended toolkit and improved performance. A multiplayer game mode will be activated for all X Rush enthusiasts.

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