• xHunter launches exciting lossless lottery at BSC

  • xHunter is launching the first phase of its rollout on BSC.

    Trading of the token will go live on September 5, 2021 (a pre-sale round took place on September 3, 2021).

    It will increase the price floor of its tokens by engaging the community in a no-lose lottery and whale buybacks.

    xHunter is gearing up for an exciting start to their Phase 1 and Phase 2 rollout, which includes the development of their lossless lottery and unique NFT gaming platform. The platform will go live on the Binance smartchain this year as a way to connect outdoor gaming tournaments and tournaments with cryptocurrency. In fact, trading of the xHunter token ($XHT) will begin on September 5, 2021, with a market cap of $1.5 million. This token will help manage xHunter’s upcoming outdoor tournaments around the world.

    Just recently, xHunter raised about $400,000 in a private sales round. As a result, the platform plans to raise another $350,000 in an upcoming public pre-sale. Currently, xHunter’s community is thriving, with its Telegram group having over 10,000 users.

    xHunter aims to contribute to its community

    To emphasize, the xHunter token will focus on exciting features such as games, no-lose lotteries, NFTs, and whale buybacks. The platform is taking strategic steps to ensure that demand for its tokens will rise, rather than face a possible sell-off.

    To do this, xHunter is using 3 steps to attract investors and drive a minimum price for the token by encouraging holdings. The first is a delightful tier system. This system has 5 tiers. The more tokens held, the higher the ranking in this tier system. Again, the higher the ranking, the better the chances of winning a no-lose lottery.

    How does the no-lose lottery on xHunter work?

    Let’s imagine that all holders are divided into 5 tiers. For example, if xHunter gives away $1 million, then each tier can win 20% of the lottery. Each tier can have multiple winners, the first tier can have 4 winners, while the third tier can have 16.

    This means that a few holders in Tier 1 have a higher chance of winning a larger prize pool, compared to a large number of holders in Tier 5 who have a smaller chance of winning a smaller prize.

    Once a winner wins the prize, they must participate in the next step, which is a buyback. The winner will receive half of their earnings reward in the form of a BNB. They must then use that half to buy xHunter tokens in a new wallet. Using the above example again, if the prize pool is $1,000,000, then the winner will have $500,000 to buy back the XHT tokens. Once the purchase is complete, the winner will receive the rest of the prize. For transparency, the raffle will be conducted live!

    This wallet will then be blacklisted for a week as an anti-dumping mechanism. In addition, the whale buyback feature helps to increase the price floor of tokens. In addition, it creates hype, removes the need for exchange listings, and creates a fear of missing out.

    How do I enter the no-lose sweepstakes on xHunter?

    To participate in the xHunter lottery, you must participate in the platform’s snapshot. Every 72 hours, the platform takes 2 snapshots of its holders. One at the beginning of the 72 hours and one at the end. Those who hold xHunter tokens between the 72 hours will enter the tier pool determined by the first snapshot.

    If a person buys more tokens after the first snapshot, they are automatically added to a higher tier in the next cycle. Conversely, if the holder sells their tokens after the snapshot, they will be immediately disqualified from the draw for that cycle. After every 72 hours, there will be a 12-hour window for investors to load and prepare for the next cycle.

    What’s next?

    xHunter’s roadmap includes an upcoming NFT gaming platform (here’s a quick explainer video), bigger no-lose contests, airdrops, bigger prize pools, and more. All in all, the platform is matching its strategy to the overall bullish market sentiment for cryptocurrency, NFT, and gaming.

    As such, we can be sure that the xHunter token has a lot of potential. Most importantly, xHunter is taking advantage of this opportunity to grow and gain exposure as it applies more real-world utility for investors.

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