• YGG partners with MOBA game Thetan Arena

  • Yield Guild Games (YGG) has partnered with Thetan Arena to bring another mobile-friendly game to its growing list of gaming revenues.Thetan Arena is a multiplayer online arena (MOBA) video game based on blockchain technology.

    The core of the game’s gameplay is to gather friends, form teams, battle others and earn token rewards through a combination of gameplay skills and teamwork.YGG has invested heavily in the game’s token sales, purchasing 250 regular heroes, 100 epic heroes and 50 legendary heroes.

    YGG’s scholars will also get some benefit from this partnership, as Thetan Arena can host tournaments for YGG’s scholars to earn revenue. In the future, the game will also have the infrastructure to lend NFT, enabling YGG to offer a scholarship program to engage its player base in Thetan Arena’s in-game revenue model.

    The game has various types of in-game NFTs, called heroes. Each hero has a unique special ability called “rage” and comes in various types of rarity. Higher rarity means more unique gameplay styles, abilities, and combat bonus bonuses.

    In addition, the game has a free-to-play mode where players can earn tokens called Titan Coins. However, the in-game earning mode using premium heroes offers more opportunities to earn rewards, tokens and income.

    There are various game modes available to players including; MOBA, where two teams of players compete against each other on predetermined battlefields, and Battle Royale, an online multiplayer video game genre that blends the survival, exploration and scavenging elements of last man standing games with survival games that are updated monthly with attractive rewards.

    Sarutobi Sasuke, Head of Partnerships at YGG, commented.” This partnership will hopefully allow the large YGG community to jump into a new and exciting game, while also honing their combat skills in a competitive skill-based MOBA environment.”

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