• YouTube’s Head of Gaming “Bullish on NFTs”

  • YouTube’s head of gaming says he’s “bullish on NFTs.”

    He says NFTs and play to earn games are the future.

    Razer’s experts agree with this statement.

    YouTube’s head of gaming – Ryan Wyatt – spoke with great enthusiasm about the pay-per-view gaming model. In detail, he tweeted that he was “bullish on NFT.”

    It’s clear that Wyatt believes in the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He says the play-and-earn gaming model is one of the elements that is about to disrupt the gaming industry. In particular, he says it’s paired with an open market for digital items in games and illiquid assets in games that will truly be game changers.

    Blockchain and NFT have already disrupted many industries in the current era. There is no doubt that gaming will experience similar disruption. In fact, it appears to have already begun. The massive surge from Axie Infinity and its token AXS should be a clear example of this inevitability.

    Most analysts believe that so far we have seen a massive boom in DeFi and its growth. More analysts believe that the next boom will come from blockchain gaming. There are many blockchain gaming projects coming out this year.

    To name a few, Illuvium generated massive hype when the creator behind it was announced. Meanwhile, other platforms such as The Sandbox and Decentraland have also gotten a lot of attention for the space they create and the users they attract.

    On the other hand, some games have seen a surge and are likely to continue to see more. Specifically, Splinterlands and My Neighbor Alice have both seen massive growth in users, as well as a surge in the price of their native tokens and in-game assets.

    Following his statement, Wyatt’s tweet got a lot of engagement, where other believers quickly joined the discussion. Wyatt made it clear that the opinion was his alone. He said he believes NFTs’ will continue to rise in the game based on Gen Z’s “expectations for change and the overall market.”

    One of the replies to the tweet came from a senior PR expert at Razer. The gaming expert said that gaming revenue will expand as more projects arrive and continue to grow. To highlight, he mentioned the following games – Illuvium, My DeFiPet, Mist, Dragonary, and Skyweaver.

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