• YouTuber Miss Hand Hair sells sexy photos of herself, launches NFT

  • The NFT (non-homogenized token) trend is sweeping the world, and not only are celebrities and artistes going crazy for it, but a Singaporean internet sensation Irene Zhao has recently sold her sexy photos for over HK$51 million (NT$180 million) in a week.

    YouTuber Miss Hand Hair(SuTuoTuo) decided to put her legs to the test to see if she could attract footwear lovers to buy her work, and she ended up with some pretty amazing results.

    The NFT trading platform’s listing process, Miss Hand Hair will set her black silk leg photos at 0.05 ether (about 4,450 Taiwan dollars) to start the bidding, set a one-week bidding period, the actual test to see how much ether can be obtained, but did not expect her final She said she was not a popular netizen and had not promoted herself in advance, and that there were too few people in Taiwan who could operate the NFT trading platform. It’s not as easy as I thought”.

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