• YYG Partners with Renowned NFT Team to Create “YYG PowerBaby” – A New Form of NFT Combining GameFi and Pledge Mining

  • YYE Energy is a leading smart energy integrator in Greater China, led by Jack Lin, former President of Morgan Stanley Capital Management (MSCI) Asia Pacific, and other leading technology companies, committed to using blockchain technology to create an efficient, fair, secure and transparent green energy grid and trading platform for the more than 400 million commuters in Greater China who rely on two-wheeled electric vehicles. providing charging solutions.

    Its YYE Token, issued in 2019, was popular in the global market and received a large number of investors’ attention right after its issuance. The initial fundraising alone had support of up to more than USD 2 million, and it was successfully listed on the top 20 global exchanges LBANK, and its online activities and trading contests have continued to heat up since then.

    This year, YYE Energy has joined hands with the famous NFT team to create the “YYG Power Treasure”, a new type of NFT GameFi, which collects and slots different levels of power treasures such as Jackpot, BNB, SSR, SR, N, etc., to open different performance pledges for mining profit. There are four slots in the pledge pool.

    The YYG PowerBaby is not only an NFT, but also an admission ticket to the new generation metaverse that combines GameFi and pledge mining. The complete application and ecosystem, with emphasis on diversified mining, has already attracted the attention and support of 200,000 people in the global community! Currently, the first phase of the airdrop campaign is in full swing, and the complete DeFi profit sharing system is officially online!

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