• ZED RUN joins Victorian Jockey Club for Melbourne Cup Party at Decentraland

  • Hold on to your horses, the Lexus Melbourne Cup is coming to Decentraland. So get on your horse and head down to ZED RUN HQ for some thoroughbred festivities.

    The whole of Australia is currently gearing up for its biggest celebration of equine excellence, bad hats and wine. In honour of this fine institution, ZED RUN has partnered with the Victorian Jockey Club. Together, they will host the Melbourne Cup Carnival at the Metaverse on November 1 at 10:30 EST, followed by the launch of the new “Flemington” racetrack at the game.

    An array of entertainment, including live races broadcast from Australia, live music and winnable wearables. The pinnacle of the event was the Lexus Melbourne Cup Grand Final, shown on a number of screens at ZED RUN HQ, with DJ Havana Brown providing a fitting soundtrack to bring a bit of festive spirit to the event.

    As if that wasn’t enough, ZED RUN will be releasing a collectable set of NFTs showcasing some of the greatest matches the Melbourne Cup has ever seen. There are 10 sets in total and each set includes the 2022 Melbourne Cup VIP experience and is non-transferable. The auction will run from October 30 to November 4 at OpenSea.

    The Melbourne Cup is one of Australia’s biggest sporting events, with approximately 750 million fans tuning in each year. This long-standing tradition began back in 1860, with the most recent being the 161st edition of the tournament.

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