• ZenAcademy Donates 11.11ETH To Ukraine

  • Twitter NFT influencer and collector, Zeneca has donated 11.11 ETH to support Ukraine on behalf of ZenAcademy and The 333 Club. In the days since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, several crypto community members have come forward to support Ukraine. On Saturday, the official Twitter account of Ukraine announced that the country would accept cryptocurrency donations. Since then, the nation has raised over $22 million in crypto.

    ZenAcademy joins others in crypto donations for Ukraine

    “Last night I donated 11.11 ETH to support Ukraine on behalf of ZenAcademy and The 333 Club,” Zeneca tweeted yesterday. “It’s a drop in bucket in the grand scheme of things, and there will always be more we can do to help. This is our small way of showing some support. #WeStandWithUkraine.”

    He founded ZenAcademy to create a community of like-minded individuals encouraging each other to share, create, and build.

    He added, “My door is always open to help any of the wonderful web3 projects/endeavors/DAOs that have spun up over the last week to rally support behind this cause”. Zeneca also shared details of the transaction.

    Similarly, acclaimed digital artist Pak donated 670 ETH or about $1.8 million to the country. “The whole Vanguards treasury of Censored now goes to human rights,” he said.

    Several community members and artists have also set up DAOs to raise funds for Ukraine. Pussy Riot‘s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, for instance, launched UkraineDAO. The organisation is currently hosting a 72-hour auction of a 1/1 NFT of the Ukrainian flag. At the time of writing, the NFT’s highest bid was a whopping 1,102.5 ETH or $3,221,013. The auction is live for one more day.

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