• Zeneca NFT “ZenAcademy” allows access to his Discord server

  • NFT influencer Zeneca, aka @Zeneca_33 on Twitter, has completed the initial sales of his first NFT series. However, this is not your typical cartoon avatar project. In fact, it’s not an art project at all.ZenAcademy “NFT is actually a member of the influencer’s private Discord server.

    Explaining Zeneca’s NFT placement, “ZenAcademy”

    Zeneca explains how NFT works on the ZenAcademy website. As you can see from the “Not a Roadmap” section, he details what the program is, and what it is not. In short, it’s a one-time membership fee for his private Discord. obviously, he’ll be sharing information there that isn’t available elsewhere. He emphasizes in that section that “better access to me and my ideas” is the only thing he has to offer.

    Zeneca’s NFT has two tiers. The first is the “Genesis” level. This costs 0.033 ETH and commits to a lifetime membership to a private Discord server. The sales period for this tier started on November 10, lasted for two weeks, and has now ended.

    Meanwhile, the “333 Club” offers closer access to Zeneca himself. There are only 333 spots available, and it has a much higher price point of 3.33 ETH. the sale will remain open until the tier is sold out.

    Despite the minor controversy, ZenAcademy has successfully launched

    According to Opensea, just under 4,000 people have minted a total of 7,848 NFTs from the Genesis tier. at this point they have a reserve price of 0.0751 ETH. meanwhile, 101 NFTs from the “333 Club” have been sold so far.

    Given these points, it seems safe to say that Zeneca’s NFTs have been a success so far. However, the lead-up to the launch was not a smooth one. It was launched at a time when the influencer program was under more scrutiny than ever before.

    In addition, controversial influencer Beanie previously attacked Zeneca on Twitter for using the program to charge people for access to his Discord. Despite this, Zeneca has actually offered a read-only Discord membership for free.

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