• Kung Fury Directed Ether NFTs Let You Own the Movie Monsters of the Future

  • The wild and wacky 2015 crowdfunded YouTube feature “Kung Fury” is a ready-made meme that has cultivated a rabid fan base – features that also describe many popular NFT series. Given that, it makes sense that Kung Fury director David Sandberg’s new project is an NFT set, and that fans who buy these sets will also potentially receive benefits related to the film.

    Sandberg’s “Master of Unicorns” is an original NFT line inspired by the classic action figures from his childhood in the ’80s and ’90s. The first batch features monsters from the movies, in sync with Halloween. This is also the first NFT product from Declassified Studios.

    Each of these 15 single versions of the ethereal NFT features a 3D animated rendering with a glossy sheen to complete the illusion of being a real plastic toy. Sandberg told Decrypt that it’s a welcome addition to the world of large-scale filmmaking as he completes extensive visual effects work on next year’s “Kung Fury 2.”

    “It’s kind of like creating a library of characters and just freely expressing my ideas,” he said.” It was a really fun break just to be creative and not have any kind of supervision – just go crazy.”

    Having a “character library” sounds handy for someone making exaggerated action films featuring various monsters and creatures. Here’s the plan.

    Sandberg plans to utilize these creations in future film projects, which means someone buying the monster NFT could appear on screen at some point. For now, it’s a possibility, not a promise – it’s still an “experiment,” he said.

    In any case, his NFT collectors will have direct contact with him and provide input and feedback as he pursues potential future projects around these characters.

    He says this planned approach reminds him of using Kickstarter to fund the first Kung Fury, as that film fostered a passionate community of backers. Through digital ownership of the NFT collection, Sandberg is trying a new way to spark interest and investment.

    “The passion and excitement from the [Kickstarter] community affects everyone involved in the production, and it creates this excitement,” he says. It’s more open and you can discuss things with backers,” he said. Working in Hollywood, for various reasons, it’s more of a closed ecosystem. That’s fine. But I miss the community aspect.”

    Launching his own NFTs offers a new way to leverage that community. And, it could lead to even greater growth. Sandberg is also attracted to the possibility of using NFTs to fund future film projects, just as Mila Kunis’s web series “Stoner Cat” was funded by NFT sales.

    “If we can fund films in this way,” Sandberg said, “it could be really exciting for the future.” It’s kind of like crowdfunding, where you create these hubs of people who are excited about a project, you work with them, you get feedback from them, and then you actually create something that speaks to a specific audience.”

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