• One Day Project – Quirky NFT Collection with a twist

  • A group of 15 incredibly talented artists recently released a series of quirky illustrations dubbed “One Day Project. “The NFT series is a fun exploration of art without any rules.

    Each feature or attribute, such as hats, ears and accessories, is drawn by a different artist – but with a twist. Each artist creates their chosen feature without seeing it drawn by the other artist. This means that everyone only sees the final result when you cast a one day NFT.

    Four series

    There are four series to choose from: One Day Mekabae, One Day Moon Loot, One Day Moon Way, One Day Hype Train, and One Day Bastards.One Day Bastards is the first series with 10,000 characters and over 400 features floating between Earth and the hype.

    The latest release is the Mekabae series, featuring the ODB team’s 2D-style colorful and diverse robots with over 500 features and 12 unique Mekabaes.Collectors can cast one Mekabae for free and purchase more for 0.02 ETH each, up to 15 per wallet.

    Moon Loot Items introduces a diverse collection of playable items for the upcoming 2D action game, in which you will play as your ODB character and fight for victory. The better the wallet, the better your chances of escaping defeat! The HypeTrain series is where the One Day heroes go on their adventures. Riding the HypeTrain, they make a mad dash towards their next goal, with many crazy adventures on the way to their destination.


    The idea for this project was inspired by Kristina Rova and curated by Wild Cake, along with the three developers behind it, Vlad, Andrew and Albert. You can find each of the artists on the team on Twitter; Vospitanik, Billy, Cosmicbit, Dude, Durusique, Volv Victory, Naydar, 6R6Y, Valin, HZWaves, Vadim Zeland, Agent Kushanski and Weedonism.

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