• Rarible Launches ‘Lazy Minting’ Gas-Free Feature to Empower Creators

  • Rarible, the leading NFT marketplace, has added a new feature to empower creators and lower the barrier to entry for the platform. Dubbed “Lazy Mint”, the new option allows members to defer minting to the point of purchase.

    One of the main issues for new artists entering the NFT space is the relatively expensive process involved. Traditionally, members must mint their artwork before it can be sold. And, since items must first be committed to the blockchain, this can prove to be an expensive endeavor. However, Rarible has recognized that this is not in the best interest of the artist.

    By shifting the point of creation to a later stage of the chain, the burden of minting becomes the responsibility of the buyer. The artist is free to create without these additional overheads, and the blockchain requires fewer power-hungry transactions. This means that any unsold works will not need to be minted at all.

    To take advantage of this feature, go to the NFT creation page as usual. Then, select “Free Minting” from the list of options.Rarible will manage the item off-chain before the point of purchase, keeping the artwork until it sells.

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